The Indian Academy, Sharjah

At the Indian Academy we aim to provide a working, caring and happy environment in which the potential of every child can be realized. The school follows, CBSE Curriculum with a focus on holistic development of students. Students are nurtured with the best of Indian and International systems blended with Indian value systems. Quality education with world- class standards is the hallmark of our School. The main objective is to cater to intellectual, physical, creative, emotional and social development of our students. The infrastructure has been planned and designed in a way that best  suits the needs of the students, keeping in mind their comfort, safety and security.

Facilities At The School


At the Indian Academy we organize various activities inside the classroom for students. They participate in it with other students by forming groups.  This develops a healthy social attitude and behavior.

Kinder Club

The Indian Academy boasts of kinder club aimed at making children more confident through structured program, opportunities for independent learning and an environment rich in language and games.

Free Flow Area

At the Indian Academy, Sharjah, we have a vast free flow area for children to play. The entire are is always guarded by two teachers and flooring is provided with a soft padding, to ensure safety.


The Indian Academy, Sharjah, boasts of a turfed football and cricket field. The grounds are regularly maintained. When the children are on field, we do have a supervisor to overlook. 

Fun and Games

Our indoor play area has a number of board games to ensure the cognitive thinking of children develops. We believe that sports is just as important as academics and it is imperative that children have sufficient play time.

Computer Education

ICT is an integral part of our curriculum. In this age of Technology, an early exposure to the basics of computer, readies the child for the future and helps shed inhibitions. We have dedicated labs for IT.


The Indian Academy, Sharjah provides a spacious and well stocked library. A variety of encyclopedias, reference books and other books are stocked. Students are encouraged to read for pleasure and regular book reviews are the norm.

Our Philosophy

Science is an integral part of the school curriculum at every grade level. There are three up –to- date and fully equipped Science laboratories, one for each of the three sciences: Physics , Chemistry and Biology. Teachers are present at all times to monitor.

Music And Movement

We believe that the more music children hear and the richer the musical sounds they experience, the sooner and better they develop their own musical skills. We provide a well equipped music room for our children. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an important life skill. We conduct regular public speaking activities in a fun environment without stressing them out. This helps students become better communicators and socially confident.