The Apple International School

The Apple International School, established in 1994, is a British Curriculum School that places high value on the individual, an ethos underpinned by our belief that our school provides an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the talents and needs of young students. Apple-ites are valued as individuals as the school believes that each child is an individual and should be given his/her own time to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually. The emphasis is on practical work. The teaching staff is committed to providing a happy, secure and supportive atmosphere to foster personal growth and high academic excellence. The range of extra-curricular activities is extensive and in the performing arts, drama, debates, sports and community service we have established a particularly enviable reputation.

Facilities At The School

Various Activities

At the Apple International School, we try to provide a holistic environment for our children. Hence along with academic facilities we provide various other facilities that are meant for recreation, entertainment and  safety of our children.

Free Flow Area

The tiny tots can really indulge themselves in reading books, solving puzzles and watching video films, which offer educational and entertainment support.This area is most favorite with the FS students.

Kinder Club

This is an After-School extra-curricular program for the Foundation Stage children. Art & craft, aerobics, drawing, recitation, Show & tell are some of the activities that are being conducted in the course of this program.

Swimming Pool

We have a covered swimming pool, a deep section for advance swimmers and a shallow end for a beginners and small children. The swimming teachers are appropriately qualified with life guard training.


The Apple International School provides its students with a spacious and well stocked library. A variety of encyclopedias, reference books and other books are stocked. Students are encouraged to read for pleasure and regular book reviews are the norm.

Computer Education

We have dedicated labs and IT is an academic department in The Apple International School. We believe computer education is extremely important. The school uses state of the art teaching aids to ensure our children are computer literates from a young age. 


We believe that along with regular classes other extra curricular activities in the classrooms are equally important. This develops  cognitive thinking and encourages children to work in a group. Thus ensures their team spirit and socializing skills are being developed while practically learning what is taught in books.

Our Philosophy

Science is an integral part of the school curriculum at every grade level. There are three up –to- date and fully equipped Science laboratories, one for each of the three sciences: Physics , Chemistry and Biology. Teachers are present at all times to monitor the students to ensure there safety and their learning.