From The Chairman’s Desk

Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘believe you can and you’re halfway there.’ That is Mr. Abdul Lahir Hassan, the Founder and Chairman of IQRA Education’s motto. He has over 3 decades of experience in the Education industry. He is extraordinarily dynamic and self-made. His dedication to quality education and his hands-on approach within the sector has led to the immense growth of the group over the last 30 years.

Born and raised in Kerala, Mr. Hassan started his first major endeavour in the early 80’s and has never looked back. He took charge of the group of schools under challenging circumstances and built them into model institutions. His dream was to offer value-based education of the highest order. Currently standing at a total of 6000 students across all schools and nurseries in the UAE, he can proudly say that his dream has become a reality.

“I am inexpressibly proud and privileged to be heading a group wherein every individual believes in the uncompromising quality of education. I would like to thank every student, parent, and staff, for their support in making IQRA Education what it is today.”

Our Philosophy
We believe in maintaining an excellent learning environment, that is both secure and caring. Offering enjoyable and exciting approaches and opportunities to stimulate the desire for learning.
Management Team

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are such that it brings out the best in our students to ensure a bright and prosperous future and to prepare them for the real world.

Student Achievements

The students from each of our schools are constantly making us proud by winning accolades. We take pride in their achievements as it reflects our efforts.