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At IQRA Education we believe in investing in hiring outstanding teachers. We seek motivated, passionate and talented teaching professionals to join us to groom our students to become independent and successful professionals. Joining us allows for you become a part of our ever expanding community of schools. We are currently located at three locations in Dubai and one location in Sharjah.

Our network of teachers is spread across various schools across different locations. We create more opportunities, unlimited access and support for our teachers. If you are self-motivated and devoted to the art of teaching, we at IQRA are your right choice. Our chain of schools offer an inspiring, growth oriented and warm environment for work. Check out what we currently have to offer and various positions that are currently vacant in our opportunities page.

Your Professional Development

We provide bespoke professional development platform that allows you to take charge of your own professional development and contribute to the progression of teaching and learning across our family of schools. When you join our community of schools, we ensure your road map to development is planned out. When we hire, we also keep your professional development in mind. To ensure the growth of our teaching and admin faculty, we constantly provide opportunities to fine-tune your skills and learn new ones required to be the best in the business. New methods of teaching and creative practices are constantly being implemented to ensure your experience is enriching.

We encourage you to interact, collaborate and come up with creative ideas to improve our existing teaching systems. Working in any of our institutions will add to your professional growth, thus ensuring ample professional growth for you.

Fake Job Offers / Interview Calls

Beware of hoax or fake job offers / interview calls from people pretending to be recruiting for IQRA Education Group, UAE or any of the group affiliate schools namely – The Oxford School, The Apple International School, The Indian Academy (Dubai), Indian Academy (Sharjah) and The Emirates Tender Care Nursery.

We always go through a formal merit-based recruitment process and carry out multiple rounds of interviews before making a job offer to anyone. We do not demand / accept any money whether by way of security deposit or otherwise from applicants for jobs.

How to spot a fake job offer / interview call

You should be very suspicious of anyone who contacts you by email / SMS / links of WhatsApp etc. to offer you a job or calls you for an interview. These notifications will usually have some of the following features:

  • Ask you to pay money as a security deposit or to help with a visa application or some verification
  • Ask for your passport details, or any other personal or financial information
  • Send job offers / interview calls from free internet email services from a Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or other Internet hosted account. (Even if it seems to come from an organization, don’t use the Reply button but instead type in the address manually. If the address changes then it is likely to be a fraud.)
  • Offers could also be made on fake letterheads using the IQRA Education Group, UAE or any of the group affiliate schools logos.
  • Sometimes fraudsters use photographs, names and signatures of the HR department personnel of the group schools and create fake websites that look very similar to the group’s genuine website in order to commit this type of fraud.

What to do if you receive any communication offering you a job at IQRA Education Group or any of the group affiliate schools.

  • If anyone receives an interview call or a job offer stating that it is from or for IQRA Education Group or an affiliate school, he/she should immediately check whether the offer is genuine or not by contacting us via our official website and verify whether the call / email is genuine or not. Such fake communication for interviews or job offers should not be responded to.
  • Anyone dealing with such fake interview calls / job offers would be doing so at his / her own risk and the Group or its affiliate schools will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by such persons, directly or indirectly.
  • Please note that any offers/benefits/content/instructions presented in such misleading emails impersonating IQRA Education Group and its affiliate schools, do not represent those of the Group and its Group schools.
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